Why give us the publication dates if we can't sort by them?

I was trying to do a NEW 52 reading list and found that I could not sort by publication date. I would like to read them in that order, but that will be no small task.

You have the pub date in the details, why not have a way to sort by publication date from oldest to recent or recent to oldest?

It’s been a year now and the comics section is still lacking compared to Marvel Unlimted. With that service, I can pull up a whole year or a certain month in a certain year. That is just one of the way to filter the entire catalog.

When I put comics into my library, they can be sorted by Published Date or Added to MU and of course A-Z.

I really want to keep supporting this by signing up for another year. I love the fact that new comics are put up a year after Pub Date and that you keep adding classics. Trying to put all these into any kind of reading order makes that very difficult!


I would love this feature! I love using it on the Marvel Unlimited app by selecting a certain month/year from back when I was a kid and reading everything that came out at that time. You may want to make a post about this over in the Suggestion Box.

I’m thinking this request is a lost cause. We’ve all been asking for this option for over a year (I requested this ability last year as well), yet here we are…still waiting for the ability to sort our lists by Publication Date. Hey DC, what say you?

I too would like this feature.

That would be a great addition!

Yes, please add the ability to sort by date!!