why dont we have the option for all DC related movies

Why cant we watch anything from DCEU? or dark knight trilogy and things like superman/shazam return of black adam isnt even the full movie, we pay enough to get anything and everything DC, does anyone agree?


Hi @samcap1! While it would be awesome to have those on the service, due to licensing and contracts, we’re not able to include everything on the service. However, keep an eye on the Watchtower as any new additions, including movies, TV, and comics, will be announced there. :slight_smile:

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I’d LOVE to have every DCEU, DCAU, CW and all the DC tv/film DC properties here.
However, I understand the license & contracts issues. DCU is a separate company and has to compete with services like Netflix, Hulu, etc for access to these properties and that takes money. Even if in the end it is all “Time/Warner funny money”.
DCEU & DCAU don’t have unlimited, no cost access to everything DC either. it is the way the large corporate world works. Especially on a new service like DCU. Existing contracts (including exclusive rights, like Netflix has with DC CW shows, through this season) are in place and must be honored.

I certainly hope that DCU will start to be the place for the 2019/2020 set of CW shows after broadcast, just like how we got Krypton.

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Are we getting Aquaman eventually?

I don’t have any news on Aquaman at the moment, but will let the team know you’d like to see it on the service. :slight_smile:

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We haven’t gotten Wonder Woman, which is older, yet either. I’m not holding my breath for Aquaman anytime soon.

(And please pass Wonder Woman up as a “would like” as well.)

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