Why do you think Ms. Martian changed up her look?

I personally think it’s because over the years she became more self accepting and confident of who she is, so she changed her look from green to white. This was in acceptance of her true form (a white Martian) being a minority to the green on Mars. So instead of green skin color the new and improved Ms. Martian is bald and has a pale white skin color. I think she likes this because it’s more accurate to what she really is.


I thought she look like Destro from G.I.Joes. It’s interesting. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Not a fan of the new look but I get why she chose it. Does she really have to bald like Martian Manhunter?


Man I don’t know but I hope it wasn’t for something like identity politics. I love this show and am so glad its back, watched the 1st 3 eps. 4 times already! I have to say though I am not a fan of “bald M’gann”! It wouldn’t seem to make sense if it was to express her true self because it would still be a false representation, y’all know what a white Martian looks like and that ain’t it! I hope she goes back to being the green skin, red head we all love!


love her new look and how she’s embraced her white martian bloodline.

Shouldn’t Beast Boy be WHITE then instead of GREEN???

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My guess is she went with the current color because it’s her natural tone. She does still use her red headed form in her “alter ego” form. She keeps the humanoid form to not freak people out.

@mrjones_1980.54539, Nice! I didn’t think about that as a counter argument.

@mrjones_1980.54539 Well she was green when she did the transfusion.

The part I don’t get is why he can only transform into animals with the origin from Young Justice.

I think Superboy has something to do with it too. He’s always encouraged her to be herself.