Why do we need Batman on Arrowverse? He is already there

With Gotham City finally appearing in the Elseworlds crossover, people have been asking if we will see a Batman cameo.
I propose that we do not need it as we already have had Batman in the Arrowverse. Oliver Queen is Batman.
Think about it. Rich person who trains to be able to fight crime in his city. Has a secret lair where he meets with his team. He has a team of vigilantes to help even though he keeps saying he wants to work alone. He was involved with Talia Al Ghul and fought Ra’s Al Ghul. He has battled Deathstroke. He has a son who eventually follows in his father’s footsteps. Heck Felicity goes by Overwatch similar to Oracle.

LOL this is what I always say to my gf “Arrow is a Batman story arc without Batman.”


Yeah but eh I still want it if Supes is showing up

It would be sick if batman shows up out of nowhere and beat down arrow.


I rather have Batman in titans universe


funny that you mention miss smoak being called overwatch. If I recall correctly, Oliver and Falicity were having a conversation about coming up with a name for her, and Oliver says “I would call you Oracle, but that is already taken.” I may be wrong but I think that’s what he said just going by my memory.

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Yeah he said that shit. It’s like the writers or showrunner wanted to do a Batman show so bad but couldn’t get bat characters, so they just used Oliver Queen and took liberties when possible.

Ollie/Green Arrow should have actually been like Ollie/Green Arrow since the beginning. I gave the first season a pass because I thought it was just story arc then Oliver would change when becoming Green Arrow …nope!

And that is the fundamental problem with Arrow since the beginning .


Honestly I’m half expecting it to just be Batwoman in Gotham when they introduce her. No mention of Batman or any Robin.

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We really don’t need him in the Arrowverse. It would make much more sense to have him in Titans. Besides, if he were to show up on Arrow it would just be to get beat up by Oliver or to tell Oliver that Oliver’s current wife is the best person in the entire world and even Barbara Gordon couldn’t hack as well as her. I’d rather not :mask:


The show runners already confirmed that Batman exists in the Arrowverse a few months ago from what I remember.