Why do christian symbols stop Raven's demon powers?

From what I understand, Triton is his own entity, seperate from Hell. Why do crosses and crucifixes stop her Triton half from coming out in the Titans show? Has anything like this occured in the comics or cartoon? Would, given her weakness to holy power, she be defeated by Constantine in a theoretical one-on-one confrontation?


My read of Titans so far is that the Christian symbols actually don’t do much to contain Raven. They’re just a representation of the faith of those who see her as a demon.


I’d concur with HCQ. There is no direct evidence that they have any effect.

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I believe it’s because Trigon starts with a t. :joy:
I’m sorry i’ll get out of here.


They really doubled down on “Raven is the anti-christ” with the TV version.

That said, as far as comics go, Trigon rules a couple of dimensions but has nothing to do with hell or the afterlife. Raven is actually banned from the afterlife in the comics and turns into a ghost instead when she gets killed off. There’s a funny story in the 90s comics when Raven and Donna Troy try to break into heaven but they get kicked out.

That’s a “Titans-ism”. Raven actually isn’t affected by holy symbols, Catholic, Christian, Judeo-Christian or otherwise.