Why did they cancel Swamp Thing

DC needs to give this a season 2.

Given the show lost $60+ million dollars…yeah, a second season is such a good idea.


DeSade-acolyte can you please list a source for this $60 million dollar loss that you keep posting in every Swamp Thing thread? The last I heard the powers that be have never given a reason for cancellation. Now I have questioned that decision, but as far as I know that is still their position. I did see an article where the cancellation of Krypton was due to costs, but nobody official has ever stated a reason for Swamp Thing’s cancellation. @Applejack can you confirm my statement that no official reason has ever been shared and nobody in power has ever claimed the show lost $60 million.


Lol. It’s DeSade being DeSade. I too wonder how he get that number of $60 million.