Why did people hate green lantern so much, i loved it. Same thing with man of steel.

I don’t hate the Green Lantern movie. Sometimes, I’ve enjoyed it immensely. Other times, I’m just too aware of how much more it could have been.


@Zombedy I have a pretty good feeling that if you tried to sell the non-DC crowd who hated MOS as soon as the first trailer came out just so they could have something to bitch about on Facebook on John Byrne’s Superman, the reaction would most likely be silence, followed by “…duh?”

@InMagno I was probably playing with my Green Lantern action figure while reading his comics =)

That’s too bad nobody you knew was open minded to characters outside of Superman and Batman. They’re both absolutely amazing and deserve their high level Icons of Icons status but it is called the DC Universe for a reason. There are more than two franchises within it.

I was also the rare boy who thrilled to Wonder Woman and female characters in general just as much as Superman and Batman.

But dang it, Green Lantern has always been a badass property and we all know it =)


I hate the CGI and Parllax. 'Nuff said.

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Funny, I just watched Green Lantern on TV yesterday, and was able to enjoy it for what it was.

I still can’t get over a couple things though. I really wasn’t a fan of the movie’s interpretation of Parallax. If he appears in a future movie, I hope we get the insect-like version. And Hector Hammond was more annoying than anything to me. Also, some of the CGI will never look good to me. The Guardians’ designs and Hal’s suit just look awful.

But overall, it’s a fine movie. It’s the butt of a lot of jokes, but much worse movies have come out since then. (Batman v Superman & Fant4stic, in my opinion)

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@Vroom: Yeah man it’s crazy!!! We always had fun though even if our discussions got heated lmao!!! The looks on Superman fans faces when I said Hal can beat him was hilarious, they still to this day don’t believe it. Going back to retrospect, I can’t remember what got me into Green Lantern stuff! I just know I seen the symbol so many times and always heard about a space super hero that used a ring to beat villains and create anything he wanted. Always thought that was the coolest thing!!! :sunglasses:

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@Matt: Oh my God yes Parallax in that movie drove me insane lmao!!! I was salty the entire time thinking “REALLY”

The one upside of Parallax was that Clancy Brown voiced him and that allowed his DC repertoire to expand.

With Green Lantern, I think the big problem with the movie is that there’s really two movies shoved into one to the point of it’s detriment. You have the Earth story which follows Hal, Carol, and Hector Hammond and their personal story along with characters like Amanda Waller, and then you had the space story following Hal learning from Sinestro to fight Parallax. I think if they decided to focus more on one story or the other, it would have had more room to breathe and be a better movie from it.

And for me, Man of Steel is, without a doubt in my mind, the best Superman movie ever made.


Green Lantern (2011) has so many similarities as a movie to Doctor Strange (2016), from the overall plot, to the characters, to the comedic tone. Critics were inconsistent with their own standards for being generally positive about Doctor Strange, but not Green Lantern.

:+1::+1: Man of Steel :+1::+1: is a masterpiece in every way.


I like the extended cur better because it gave Hal Jordan back, a child who you should care for because he saw him s father died in a plan crash and saw his dad get blown up