Why DC why

I had high Hopes for the new batwoman show until I saw who the suit. Wtf were they thinking?

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How was it? gonna watch later later.

Probaly only gonna watch Pilot and maybe finale.

You DO realize this is just the initial suit she wears at first, then she has the suit modified to the one we know, right…?


Yeah, this is how all the CW shows are. And if you’re really only gonna watch a show because of a suit, do you really care about character or show that much?


If you watched last year’s crossover you know she eventually ends up in a comics accurate costume. My guess is she’ll be wearing it in time for Crisis.


I’m willing to bet either next episode or the one after. Patience.

The pilot wasn’t awful, it just wasn’t very good, most pilots aren’t. The Flash Pilot is the best pilot the CW has put out. Will watch Batwoman at least up to the Crisis to give it a chance to grow on me, as I do see potential


I lost interest in the show when I saw how awful she was in the Elseworlds crossover. It’s a shame because I love Kate Kane in the comics.

its just the first pilot, eventually it’ll change and evolve over time. I will need to watch it so I can formulate my opinion on the show. But for the suit, this is just the beginning, the it took the Flash 8 seasons to get to his proper appearance (I prefer this look over his previous one, this one is a proper suit with the wings on the side of his cowl.)