why DC why?

I was wondering why am I getting 10 episodes of swamp thing when you made 12 if you already have it done why not air them. I paid for the year subscription for the DC TV series like swamp thing and doom patrol ect. I think this is so unfair for the true fans. Swamp thing was cancelled before the 2nd episode was released.

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Yeah I know, but the show is good! I enjoyed it so far.

I was finished watching all of Legends of Tomorrow and Constantine threw a reference of knowing Swamp Thing so it could be a possibility for The big green guy to be picked up by CW…

Sorry they had planned more originally but only made 10. We’re getting all that they’ve made. Definitely enjoying them.


I just watched the pilot and thought it was the best of the three series premiers. However, I probably won’t watch anymore until episode 10 releases and am assured this story arc ends. I don’t want to get too invested in a story that ends on a cliffhanger with no end.

They reworked the last episode to cap off the series, so don’t worry about any cliffhangers.


“Why DC? Why?” you ask.

The press release said “artistic differences” which probably equates to budget. They were going to go over budget to make all 13 episodes, and DC said No. The production company had a budget and didn’t keep to it. Don’t blame DC. If you want to plat “the blame game”, blame the production company.

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It’s really annoying. Why ask fans to get invested in a show you have already cancelled.

@DeSade-acolyte, Could you please point out the thread where an official statement was made that the show was going over budget? I haven’t seen that yet…

@u1ahbme, You’re right, it is annoying, but you’re doing yourself a disservice by not watching it. It’s pretty awesome so far. Just watch it, knowing it will end on a cliff hanger. Even though somewhere it was said that when the show was cut to 10 episodes, the production team also tied season 1 up as a standalone, but we shall see how that works out.

If we support the show, then maybe DC or another content creator will pick the series back up.