Why are some books going away?

I love being able to read all the DC titles on DC Universe, but I hate that some comics have a limited shelf life. Why is that? Why not allow us access to all the titles? It’s not a cool move at all.


Hey kale919, we rotate our comic selection so there is always something new and fresh for the community to read. We have over 2500 comics for your reading pleasure :slight_smile:

Yeah Kale919, just forget all about whatever you’ve invested your time reading and pick one of the other new and fresh 2500! (Which we may also remove at any moment).


It’s entirely possible to have new fresh content while still keeping the old. The comic book industry is built on that foundation.


Thanks for the response, but I want the management to know that I don’t care about having some arbitrary 2500 issues available. I care about being able to finish the run of New Teen Titans I’m right in the middle of. Or being able to read Kirby’s New Gods/Fourth World stuff over a few months without having to wonder if the rest will show up, or worry that what’s already there will disappear. Please think of the fans’ experience and not just some disjointed selection of 2500 books.

Thank you for your time and for carrying our message to the powers that be.


2500 issue #1s.


2500 comics to read is nice but you guys have us no heads up when content was coming and when it was going to be taken down. As it stands I don’t know what you are week to week. It just looks like you guys push the same comics already on the service with different headlines.

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I enjoy reading entire runs of titles. I appreciate you wanting to keep things fresh, but I like the history that created the titles I love. I’d enjoy taking time to read an entire run of Superman or Teen Titans. I don’t want a quick fix, I want to subscribe for the long haul.