Why add a 125 comic series (Brightest Day), and remove it a week later??

This is the second time in two months I’ve gotten sucked into a huge series (The entire reason I got this service, so I don’t have to spend $7,000 per omnibus. … And after getting about 20 comics in, and really into it, the freaking thing is gone! Yes, there’s the 24 issue Brightest Day core story books, but those miss so much of the story from outlying characters and plot origins. I reaalllly don’t want to quit this service, but I’m getting super annoyed (no pun intended).

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Brightest Day and it’s tie-ins are still here from what I see.

What exactly are you not able to read that was here?

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Go to “Comic Books,” scroll down to “browse all,” and choose the “storylines” option on the left (at least, it’s on the left on computers - not sure about mobile).

All the issues are still there. The main page is just highlighting new stuff.

Though while I’m on the subject, they really should move the “browse all” button somewhere more visible than at the bottom of the page underneath everything else.

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You are gentlemen and scholars. I’ll happily deal with the difficult to navigate webpages! Or maybe I’m just really bad at the internet, because even through the search function the storyline didn’t come up. But problem solved, and y’all are awesome.