Who's excited for DC Year of the Villains comic event!?

I love that it starts off with a 25 cent issue. Just another reason why DC is better than Marvel. DC really cares more about their fans than Marvel.


I am! I even made a post about as the news broke :slight_smile:

I love when DC does the dirt cheap books. They’re a tremendous value that can’t be beat.


Do you have any idea what ‘Year of the Villain’ is yer? Do they mean 2019, so it’s really half-year of the villain? Is it rolling year, so May-May? How does this affect or is affected by Doomsday Clock? Regardless of how good this is, hopefully Doomsday Clock and the story started by Geoff Johns in DC Universe Rebirth comes to fruition before any other major stories shake up the DCU.

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Couldn’t agree more @RandallusPrime

Me me me! I am very excited! Brushed off my copy of Necessary Evil & watched the documentary again too! I am ready! Bring On the Villians!