Who's a fan of hoopla?

For the uninitiated, hoopla is a digital service that offers a ton of content through streaming and downloadable means. It’s the Public Library in digital form. They’re in partnership with thousands of libraries across the country.

To access hoopla, you need:
-a valid library card
-the hoopla app
-to create a free account

Their comic selection is what’s paramount in this context and it’s amazing. They have tons and tons of trades from DC and other publishers (along with single issues of select mature reader material from DC and the others). You can check out up to twelve titles a month also.

I love it for the insane amount of content that’s available. I tried out a few trades there before I bought them. It’s also great if you want to revisit material you sold long ago or are on the fence about buying and want to try it before you buy it.

Who else gets happy for hoopla?


I was interested in it but the limit for my local library is only 3 books a month which essentially makes it useless for comics for me.

Interesting. Maybe the quantity varies depending on the traffic a particular library has? I figured twelve a month was the standard everywhere. I’m curious to hear other people’s experiences.

No, there’s no standard. It’s been a while since I checked and it may have increased past 3 but I’ve actually seen people mention higher than 12 so it definitely varies depending on where you live.

I am a huge fan. It’s where I am reading Rebirth and some other titles.

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@PeteyParker, thanks for the info :slight_smile:

I use my dad’s library card on occassion, so I guess my max is 24 titles a month if I was really jonesin’ for a mega binge.

Anyone else?

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I get 8 a month and the selection of comics available is outstanding.

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We get 10 a month and I use my wifes so I get 20. When you figure an average of 6 comics per graphic novel it adds up to around 120 comics a month. Not bad for free and the ones i download are very recent.

None of the libraries near me are affiliated with Hoopla😔

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I’m a big fan, read a lot of the new 52 trades there.

I get happy for hoopla! I actually steal my mom’s library card and use its borrows for my own nefarious purposes. My library only allows 4. I feel a little cheated because I need to get 400+ page books (not that bad really) to make the most of it tho. Lots of really good comics.

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