Who Would Win?

Buried. 10 more hours.

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I have now done two team vs teams directly from a comic, and the canonical winners are averaging a measly 10% average. Fascinating. Time to test this further.

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Buried. Cue lightning!

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For 7/18

Elseworlds’ Arena: Live Action Supermen- Movie Edition.
  • Christopher Reeves’s Superman
  • Singer/Routh Superman
  • Snyder/Cavill Superman

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Buried. 11 more hours of mongoose vs mantatee.

Ummm Routh’s Supes and Reeves are the same…

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Singer tried to dis canonize II-IV. Sounds like a new universe.

Still though…

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Just vote for whether he seems more powerful in 1-4 or Returns.

I saw Returns first, and I could never see them as the same guy.

I like Reeves Superman more, but Cavill Superman is more of a powerhouse when it comes to battles.

For 7/19

Lords of Chaos/Order
  • Mordru
  • Dr. Fate

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9 more hours, and this is a close one.

Black Reign
  • Black Adam’s Team- Black Adam (obviously), Northwind, Eclipso (Alex), Nemesis (Soseh), Brainwave Jr., Atom Smasher, Nabu, Army of Feitherans, and army of peasants.
  • Justice Society- Hawkman, Hawkgirl, Stargirl, Green Lantern (Alan), Hawkgirl, Captain Marvel, Flash (Jay), Power Girl, Dr. Mid-Nite (Pietter), Hector Hall, Wildcat (Ted), Hourman (Rex), Mr. Terrific (Michael, and The Atom (Ray)

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9 More hours. Looks too orderly right now.

Fittingly perfectly ordered.

For 7/21

Wildcat Fight
  • Ted Grant
  • Yolanda Montez
  • Tommy Bronson

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Buried. 12 more hours.

For the first time the canon winner wins “Team vs Team.”

For 7/22

Shadow Lands Rumble
  • Shade
  • Obsidian

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Buried. 11 more hours with a clear favorite.