Who Would Win? Superman: Red Son vs. Superman

Welcome to our speculative stadium, where legends duke it out and winner takes all! All what? No one knows!

Today, a highly anticipated animated feature hits the figurative DCU shelves. It’s no other than Superman: Red Son! In this interesting alternate reality Superman lands, not in Kansas, but in Ukraine. An incredible tale rises in the shadow of the Cold War, and begs the question which is stronger - nature or nurture?

That question is a little over our heads here, so instead we’ll ask… which of these two would win? The son of the USSR, or the son of John Kent? Give us your reasoning and vote, below!

Superman: Red Son vs. Superman

  • Superman: Red Son
  • Superman

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Voted for who I’d be rooting for. USA all the way :slight_smile:

Been a few months, but if I remember correctly the movie itself seemed to imply the good nature of Superman, given he saves the world at the end, and seems to really find himself in the moment.


Yeah, Supes was still Supes… he just had a different perspective on how to protect people.

I think our Superman would win because of that.


I want to say Supes but red son does have to will to kill if needed. (but to think about so do many other villains of supes). So I change my vote to Normal Supes.


The death match between DD and Supes is one of my all-time favorite battles. So I’m going with that Superman. He is the best!


Ah yes, the great advice from Pa Kent does give Superman the boost for this fight.
Will also be fun checking out Superman: Red Son soon and reading the comic as well. :superman_hv_4:

Red son would 100% win. he has the ruthlessness of a dictator, where as Superman would worry more about casualties. Probably leaving him more vulnerable to attack. However if there was no worry about people being present during the fight it would probably end up in a stalemate or in a situation where they’re both dead.

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Went with Kent’s son Sups bc of the fact he says he never really opens up 100 % all at once , an Red sun might try an lay the smack down first , maybe spending time w Bats made Superman a better fight tactics

The powers are identical, so it comes down to experience. Red Son Superman has fought opponents on his caliber before, but nowhere close to the volume that our own Superman has. If Clark can handle Zod, he can handle RSS.


Good points all around. I’m still not sure myself… :thinking: I may have to give it to Supes myself just based on that good ol’ favoritism. :joy:


Fly the Hammer & Sickle!
Red Son Superman all the way, comrades.

Sure, he and the Big Blue Boy Scout don’t want to cause injuries or do harm. However, Red Son Superman is not going to put up with nearly as many shenanigans as Superman. He has a preemptive full blown, lethal attack much earlier in the fight. This will catch Superman off guard and Red Son takes the victory.

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Red son they would be even but red son superman has a willingness to kill that regular superman doesn’t have

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I didn’t see this til now! I like the original Superman the best.:slightly_smiling_face: