Who Would Win? Starfire vs. ...Starfire?

Lets see …

2003 Starfire can fly, throw star bolts, shoot lasers from her eyes, lift countless tons, can tear heavy steel doors from walls and survive in a vacuum.

Titans Starfire can shoot flames and is kind of strong and … that’s about it.

Gee, it’s sooooo hard to decide.

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Not being racist, but Anna is too, i dunno, dark to play Starfire.
Dark as in mood, not color, though she doesn’t fit with the Cheery Not Quite Grownup Kori I know

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I do admit that Titans Kori seems to lack a sense of wonder about the world around her. She to “street smart”, Kori always struck me as the most upbeat/positive attitude of all the Titans. I miss that element of the character. But we are to far “down the road” for that aspect to change.

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