Who Would Win? Black Canary vs. Huntress

Welcome to our speculative stadium, where legends duke it out and winner takes all! All what? No one knows! We’re just here to have fun!

Speaking of fun, these two probably aren’t looking to have a lot of it in the upcoming movie Birds of Prey (and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn). However, somehow, we’re also sure that Harley certainly has some fun plans, at least for herself. These two superheroes can fight with the best of them, so why not see how they’d do against each other, eh?

Black Canary vs. Huntress

Who do you think would win in this matchup? How would they do it? Vote and comment below!

  • Black Canary
  • Huntress

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Love Huntress, but Black Canary would stomp her easily. Dinah Lance is one of the best fighters in the entire DC Universe. Couple that with her powerful Canary Cry and not many stand a chance against her. Huntress may be resourceful and she seems to have about as many lives as a cat(woman), but it’s Dinah FTW.


I lied for the 1st x on here. I said Huntress when I know it’s Canary. I even planned on voting that way, but my finger just went to Huntress like a magnet :magnet:.


Got Canary trained by Shiva & Huntress trained by Richard Dragon who also trained Shiva. Canary Cry puts it over the top tho I think? Huntress doesn’t get special ear plugs like the Bat Fam. That’s another reason I love her. Fights with the bare minimum & isn’t afraid to go there if it means life or death.


Black Canary is both a better fighter and a metahuman. Huntress is a dirty fighter whose opponents tend to underestimate her, but Dinah knows and respects Helena more than well enough to have a good sense of her capabilities.