Who Would Have Won? 💥Meta Madhouse Loser’s Bracket: Maniacs 16💥

It’s here! Meta Madhouse season, DCU’s ultimate “Who Would Win” bracket competition is kicking off with a bang! Even though the first round of winners for The Joker Maniacs: Round of 16 have been selected, your defeated picks have a chance to fight again in our “Who Should Have Won?” Loser’s Bracket.

How the Loser’s Bracket Works:
We pull the top top 2 Losers from The Joker Maniacs Round of 16 for a chance at redemption. It is here that they can be given a chance to fight again! They might not be in the Madhouse anymore, but that just makes them more ready to fight in our Community exclusive fantasy brackets!

Who do you think should have come out on top in this match?

  • Hugo Strange
  • Anton Arcane

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Arcane had the potential to win the entire thing he just had a rough first match. Avatar of the rot all the way.


Hugo may be a genius scientist, but unless he has one of his experiments tag in, I don’t see him winning a fight.


Anton would be a literal nightmare for Strange.


Anton is far better than Hugo! All Hugo has is smarts. But Anton has real power.

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Anton as the purveyor of putrescence is a true nemesis.