Who Would Be In Your DC Nativity Scene?

While decorating for christmas this year, I had the same thought I have every year; how could I DC-ify this? :christmas_tree: + :dc: = :heart:

So, I’ve decided to workshop some DC nativity scenes!

Behold my gnativity scene and the source of my inspiration: :mushroom:

My mind ran wild with this idea:

:dc: Heros
Angel: Bats flying in, cape out
Pa: Supes
Ma: Wonder Woman
Babe: Shaz in hero form (maybe everyone else looks confused now, but he’s just embarrassed)
Wise guy #1: Flash with more than one gift
Wise guy #2: Aquaman giant pearl in a gorgeous shell all gold and gem encrusted
Wise guy #3: GL construct gift with bow
Shepard: J’onn
Critters: Teen Titans, either all of 'em, or just BB :rofl:

:dc: Villains
Angel: Bizarro looking angelic
Pa: Joker laughing
Ma: Poison Ivy making kissy faces
Babe: Lex looking extremely upset with his role
Crib: Brainiac looking tech stuff
Wise guy #1: Riddler with a puzzle game
Wise guy #2: Sinestro construct gift with bow like GL’s
Wise guy #3: Mr. Freeze giant diamond :wink:
Shepard: Circe (I had to!)
Critters: Killer Croc, Man-Bat, Clayface, Penguin, Cheetah (all looking upset in their roles)

:superman:/dog version (let’s be real with who the star is here)
Angel: Super Girl
Pa: Supes
Ma: Lois
Babe: Krypto
Crib: Rocket ship
Wise guy #1: Perry has a box of cigars
Wise guy #2: Jimmy with a bowtie collar
Wise guy #3: Bibbo with a giant bone
Shepard: Kelex
Critters: Comet, Streaky, Beppo

:farmer: Smallville version
Angel: Jor + Lara :face_holding_back_tears:
Pa: Pa
Ma: Ma
Babe: Superbaby
Crib: Rocket ship
Critters: Various farm animals

:batman: version
Angel: Alfred, arms outstretched with a tray, tea towel etc.
Pa: Batman
Ma: Catwoman
Babe: Ace
Crib: Little Batmobile
Wise guys: Robins, literally all of them
Shepard: Commissioner G
Critters: Bat-cow

:batman: Villains
Angel: Scarecrow ? ngl struggling with this spot
Pa: Joker
Ma: Poison Ivy
Babe: Bat-Mite but he’s loving it
Wise guy #1: Riddler with a puzzle game
Wise guy #2: Twoface piggy bank
Wise guy #3: Mr. Freeze giant diamond :wink:
Shepard: Ra’s
Critters: Killer Croc, Man-Bat, Clayface, Penguin

Phew! That’s my brain scramble out! Let’s see you’re versions or post a picture of these characters in a pose or expression you think would be the inspiration for their figurine :stuck_out_tongue: