Who would be Batman Successor

Hi everyone I was thinking about who would be batman’s successor if he dies or became to old or injured to be Batman which robin would succeed him or could it be one of the batgirls I personally think Damien will succeed Bruce with a little more work as he grows up what do you all think

I mean, there’s a canonical answer to this, and it’s Terry McGinnis.

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And Terry is the ONLY person worthy of taking up the mantle.

Tim Drake

Dick Grayson

It should be dick, but its terry.

You know this has happened already …

Dick is the answer.

Dick is not the answer. He didnt take the mantel when bruce died. Terry did.

TD took up the mantle after terry died

Nightwing. He did it once and he was great! Along with Damien being his Robin, I loved that team!


Batwoman is the logical choice :3

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Tim Drake is the one most similar to Bruce

This question has had many answers, even in canon.
-Grayson’s filled the role a couple times, with vary levels of reluctance.
-Tim has kind of worried about becoming like Bruce.
-Bats once told Cassandra Cain (during her Batgirl tenure) that she was the optimal choice to take up the role of protecting Gotham if the Dark Knight ever fell.
-Damien feels entitled to it, obviously.
-James Tynion IV thinks Harper Row is the greatest thing ever and the best choice to succeed Batman, but we won’t count that because the fact that he wrote that drivel shows he’s not a very good writer.

Dick, his dynamic with Damian was what sold me on Batman and Robin and Batman incorporated