The young justice show has been great but what if we make spin off shows like BLUE BEETLE or NIGHTWIND


I meet to say Nightwing

Do we get to choose which Blue Beetle? Because I would love to see Ted Kord rather than Jaime Reyes. Wait, is Kord dead in the Young Justice universe? Has that been established 100%? Because it would be great for a Blue Beetle spin-off that includes Ted as a recurring character. Maybe have Ted as Jaime’s mentor than Batman?

A Nightwing spin-off would be good too, but not as good as a Blue Beetle regardless of which one.

Regardless of which one, as long as there are at least some “new” villains being faced and not just Nightwing or Beetle fighting members of the Light individually instead of with their team.

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I 100% agree with you that they should fight other villains but idk about the Ted kord stuuf6

I would love a Jaime Reyes show. Definitely without a Ted mentor. A young hero without a mentor can sometimes make for great story lines.

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Blue Beetle: If it’s Jaime Reyes then I think it would be a great show but if it was Ted Kord I’d rather see Blue Beetle and Booster Gold.

Nightwing: Yes I love Dick Grayson. A season based off the “Grayson” run could be interesting.

I’d love a Blue Beetle series spun-off from Young Justice. Since Jaime and The Reach are already developed, we can just jump right into the meat and potatoes of the thing.

I’d also love to see a Rebirth approach by introducing Ted Kord as Jaime’s mentor.

I’d also really love to see Kevin Grevioux return as Black Beetle.

I’d like to see a show where Jaime and Damian do the GL/GA road trip thing. I see them as two characters who fit those same societal molds.

I don’t think Damien really connects with “normal people” and their lives and struggles. He might even learn some humanity and humility.

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