Who Thinks That Dreamer and Brainy Should Have a Show?

i wonder if cw will do a spin off of supergirl two allies Dreamer and brainy a time traveling hero from future and a half alien transgender hero my favorite super coupes
if even have a show it would be great.i would like to know your comments

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I’d definitely be interested, but I feel like if there was gonna be any spinoff from Supergirl, we would’ve at least heard about it being in development by now

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I gave up watching Supergirl halfway through the series, which means this would be another CW show I’d skip.

Yes! This is actually something my mom and I have talked about. I wouldn’t mind a show with them, I always wanted more of a focus on the two of them.

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Not just Brainiac 5 and Dreamer. Pull Mon-El back in, send 'em all back to the 31st century and do a Legion show…

That would be awesome!

They keep teasing us with Legion characters, but only a couple at a time, then do very little with them. Yes, I know Brainy and Dreamer hung around in Supergirl (aside from Mon, I don’t remember if they introduced any others), but why didn’t they ever haul her to their time for an episode or two? I’d have loved to see them introduce Blok and Wildfire and a few others.

Please no Mon-El. I’m all for Brainy, Dreamer, Imra and other Legionnaires, but Mon-El has gotta be 1 of the absolute worst characters in the Arrowverse. The Legion deserves far better

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I’ll admit, as much as I like Mon as a character, I found something “off” about how they portrayed him on Supergirl. However, unless he was running as “Valor,” he belongs in the 31st century.

I Like Dreamer!
Not Big On Brainy!
Still, I Think the Show Would Do Well!

Dreamer is fine but CW Brainiac is bit much for me.

I guess I’m hoping for a hard reboot of the character that we use dreamer but anything else related to supergirl is a no for me.

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Not A Big Fan of Dreamer and Brainy!
That Said, I Loved Them On Super Girl!
Don’t Think They Should Have Their Own Show!