who thinks DC needs to get their shiz together and make a proper Flash movie?

DC has so much potential, stop trying to play catch up with Marvel! Take your time and do a good story. Well thought out. We deserve it.


That’s what they’re doing tho’ the next 4 movies are Solo that focuses on telling their stories and not connecting to a bigger universe.

At some point we need to let them have a chance to right the ship without constantly yelling at them.


To add to what he just said, they’re literally doing exactly what you’re asking haha. Infact they’ve already fired three writers and trashed two whole scripts. I here you, the flash has potential to be as trippy as doctor strange cinematically- in a way. So that’s why we haven’t gotten a movie yet. They don’t want to rush playing catch up. Even though Flash should be first I’m glad they are waiting. But HOLY HELL- Aquaman looks fiiiree, or should I say wet haha


I just wish Logan Lerman was playing Barry Allen

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@thedarkknight238 he might be interesting. We’ll see who they choose. I like Ezra Miller I think he is a fantastic actor but I honestly don’t like him as Barry Allen.

Na, I’m good. Flash has a TV show that is doing well.

I do want a Flash movie, but he’s a super overrated hero imo.