Who should replace Ben Affleck?

I personally like Ben Affleck as Bruce and as Batman but we all know his time is short lived as Batman now. In my opinion Jon Hamm would make an excellent Bruce and Batman as well. I believe he would really take the role seriously. What do you think?


Henry Cavill?

My Top 3 choices for Bruce Wayne/Batman: 1:) Anson Mount (“Hell on Wheels”). 2:) Jon Hamm (“Mad Men”). 3:) Brett Dalton (“Agents of SHIELD”)

However, if they want to cast a young “Batman Beyond”, then I would say Michael Keaton or Clint Eastwood as Bruce Wayne and then Taron Egerton as Terry McGinnis.


Bobcat Goldthwait

Matt Damon

I think that either Karl Urban or John Hamm would work.

But I kinda want lesser known actors that are not immediately recognizable imo


I think he should just keep being Batman. Batfleck is my favorite cinematic Batman so far and it sucks that it may only be for two less than stellar movies.

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No one Ben is the bat !!!

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There’s a great actor/director who made an amazing film called Argo a few years ago. I’d love to see him in the role.

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No one

Karl urban

Jon Hamm would be awesome!
Jake Gyllenhaal would be phenomenal as Batman. I read that’s not happening, but he certainly has the chops to pull off anything nowadays.

Luke Evans

If I had to absolutely choose I’d pick John Hamm but I believe in Batfleck and think he’ll stick to the role as much as he can

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I disagree with John H. Being a good Batman. I just don’t see it.
I love it how people say “Affleck is too old…”
Robert Downey Jr. is 7 years older than Ben, and no one complains about him as Stark.
Daniel Craig is 4 years older and is still Bond.
Hell, Christian Bale is only TWO years younger than Ben Affleck, and people still want him to reprise the cowl.
I’m team Affleck forever