who’s the most overpowered flash villain ?

Who do you think is really overpowered that fights against the flash? It doesn’t just mean our normal flash, it could also be kid flash or the Wally west flash.

Time travel

It’s Reverse-Flash. Being able to siphon off the speed force alone puts him in that position.


There’s something to be said for Hunter Zolomon (comic version). His time-slowing abilities (Pre-Flashpoint) make him dangerous in a similar way to Eobard Thawne, but a bit more flexible. The only thing he’s missing is that since he’s not a speedster as such, he can’t do some things like time travel, so I’m not sure exactly how he stacks up against Thawne.

Of course, now he has the whole Speed Force/Sage Force/Strength Force thing that I don’t really know anything about, but that also sounds like a lot of power to throw around.

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Captain Cold just because its fun to say his name

Easily Thawne. The simple fact that he is immune to timeline changes means that the only conceivable way to beat him is to kill him outright. And no way that’s happening with his speed.

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Doctor Manhattan, apparently.

Thawne and Zolomon were both really powerful in their own way. Thawne was definitely the more dangerous one because of how unrelenting and inevitable he is. Eat your heart out, Thanos. Thawne always comes back and messes up Barry’s life.

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Thawne’s whole “outrun death while i have a hole in my head” was pretty crazy.

Ultimately, i think Grodd is the most powerful, and it’s the mind controlling civilians that gives him the edge.