Who is your favorite Batgirl?

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Don’t make me choose between Babs and Cass!

… Without telling me whether we’re talking favorite character to be Batgirl or favorite run as Batgirl because it’s an easy answer either way, just a different one.

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I understand @BatJamags! It’s favorite character to be Batgirl.

Aaaand plunk.

Sorry, Cass.

Also, sorry Bette, not because I feel bad for not voting for you, but because nobody’s going to vote for you at all.

And extra sorry to Helena for not even making the cut.


For the record I just tried adding Helena but it wouldn’t let me. Also, sorry Bette. NOOO @BatJamags, you traitor you!

Barbara will always be Oracle to me. Cass is the true Batgirl.


Been trying to find an excuse to post this stuff. Here’s some things to consider:

Edit: okay I realized the last picture is kinda hard to interpret, but Cass threw a man through a solid metal door.

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You know what… I am not going to apologize for not including Hel. She never called herself Batgirl and only dressed that way during NML something I know a little about.

I almost gave Bette a pity vote, but I had to go with Babs.

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