Who is the Joker? Possible Spoilers

You’ve heard the theories, you’ve seen his origin in Batman '89, Joker, and The Killing Joke. You may have heard the three joker theory from New 52’s Justice League. Who do you think the Clown Prince of Crime is in canon? And is he really insane?

My admittedly wild theory, he is really Thomas Wayne Jr. If you go into it assuming that Lincoln is a fake the Court of Owls created it works pretty well down to the white skin, high survival rate and obsession with Batman!

For the record, I like to call them Stephanie Browns instead of Spoilers!

He’s nobody. Just some unlucky Joe-blow who had a really bad day once and became the chaotic mess he is now.

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Steve Ditko and Stan Lee famously once fought over the true identity of Green Goblin. Stan wanted it to be a dramatic reveal of someone in Peter’s life — his best friend’s father. Steve Ditko thought that was too much of a coincidence, and that it might be more psychologically meaningful if it was no one important at all.

I think Ditko was wrong about Green Goblin. But what he says makes sense to me for Joker.