Who Is The Best John?

who is the best john i will do one of these untill i run out of john’s

  • John constantine
  • J’onn M’arzz

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this is a ridiculously hard choice to make lol


ik its supposed to be


I hope you’re asking whose a better character and not battle because my entire comment is just characterization.

J’onn J’onzz is essentially the multifunctional army knife. He can be anything and it wouldn’t contradict him.

The detective, the superhero, the big green friendly giant, a scary brooding alien, the soldier, the scientist, loner, team leader, last of his kind, the king of mars.

John Constantine is probably the most notorious anti-hero out there. I always call him the Batman of the magical world because despite being the most conventional man out there he somehow always wins. the problem of course with Batman is the hype. Constantine can be interesting but I argue it’s possible to be overplayed, that the best quality of someone can be diminish if they become too prominent.

Martian Manhunter is multifaceted with more creativity from a writing perspective than that of John Constantine therefore I say J’onn wins.


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