Who Could Beat Superman?

In an injustice like senerio where Superman turned evil who would be your top 3 heroes who you think could stop him?

Mine are

  1. Martian Manhunter
  2. Wonder Woman
  3. Shazam
  1. Supergirl
  2. Wally West
  3. Black Adam
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In an injustice type scenario, I’d go with Batman, Luthor, and WoWo.

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In an injustice type scenario, I’d go with Batman, Luthor, and WoWo.

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Doomsday the monster



Supergirl - Likely to talk him down and got 50-50 in a fight.
Firestorm - Make a lot of kryptonite
Flash - When all else fails there’s always time travel.


My Superman would never be evil. He was made to have many qualities of Christ himself. His heart is pure. And DC needs to quit messing with his storylines. And pay Henry Cavill what he is worth. I would like to speak to the CEO of DC. And tell him what a shit job he is doing. I used to be proud of DC. Now I am angry and embarrassed. Leave Superman the way he was made. And stop trying to mess with the beautiful story of Lois & Clark. And what is the deal with DC Titans using the word “fuck”? It may be accepted with today’s youthful audience. But I find it repulsive.


dont know any top 3 i know the flash is one for sure

Someone with magic. Hmm? Spectre?


Dr Fate

Pre-Crisis: No one
Post Crisis: Martian Manhunter, Wonder Woman, Darkseid
Arrowverse: Apparently everyone.


HAHAHAHAH!! That last one is spot on!! In the Arrowverse any run of the mill, ragamuffin street tough can humble him🍀

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BATMAN or Supergirl

Batman. Karate Kid. Dr. Fate

The Flash(Barry Allen), Batman, obviously Doomsday

Wonder woman
Martian manhunter

Shazam, Wonder Woman, New Gods, anybody with Kryptonite

Batman. For crying out loud he carries Kryptonite for this very reason.
Lex Luthor. Again, Kryptonite.
Parasite. He can take Superman’s powers.