White Night

Cool comic love how joker turns to Jack Napier and Batman turns to a villain and even gets arrested. Sad Alfred died. Overall great book.

White Knight was a fantastic read and I’m ready for round 2, I love Sean Murphy his work is phenomenal

Haven’t read this yet, but am very much looking forward to it.

I loved the book but also don’t think the it fully lived up to the premise it set up in the first 1-2 issues. I was more interested in Joker’s very personal attack on Bruce and his methods. Felt it kind of devolved into another large scale villain brawl . The focus on Harley isn’t what was hoping for either, not being the biggest HQ fan.

But again, I loved the book. I was just anticipating it for years when Murphy originally teased it as his Dark Knight Returns. So I was a little over hyped for it. Disappointed isn’t the right word, because I really liked it. It just wasn’t quite the Batman story I wanted it to be, and that’s ok.

Murphy also has a stance against inner dialogue, and limits the narrative to spoken words only, which I pretty strongly disagree with. The Inner dialogue in books like TDKR, Year One, Long Halloween, Hush, etc, is where the best writing is. It’s also what makes those books feel so narratively focused and acts as our window into the story. With White Knight I felt it lacked perspective a bit, like we were watching a story unfold, rather than being a part of it.

Again, loved the book :blush:

It was ok.

Fairly dumb how everyone turned on Batman and got behind the Joker so easily.