White Knight Sequel

Sean Murphy is working on a sequel to White Knight for Black Label due in 2019. Batman: Curse Of The White Knight. Really hyped as the promotional image shows who seems to be Azreal. Thoughts?


Problem right now is my pull list is big with the Sandman stuff and other titles. Just want the events over with to be honest . Azrael sounds awesome and needs to go over his lore for a modern audience.

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Yeah, my pull list is MASSIVE. Out of the 36 DC books that were solicited in DC Nation, this was before The Sandman stuff came out, there were six books I DO NOT pull. So add the Sandman stuff and the Black Label, I’ll be pulling 38-40 DC books. Hopefully by the time the new White Knight debuts, some of the other BL books and limited series will have ended. But regardless, I’m getting it🍀

This Black Label thing is really intereting. Loving Damned so far and really looking forward to additional characters. Black Label Constantine would be outstanding. Looking forward to a White Kinght sequel.