white knight reaction

Finally got around to reading it after icebhad the TPB since October.

WOW! what a series! This would be the best animated movie DC has ever done and it wouldn’t be close.

Any other opinions? Discuss!


After I’ve had the TPB since ocro*

October** lol edit button for my soul!

I know, my kingdom for an Edit button!

And yeah, it’s an amazing series. It’s one of those Elseworld stories that feel so separate and yet so close and true to the mythos, loved the crazy stuff they did.

If you haven’t read it yet, Curse of the White Knight seems to be keeping with this tradition as well.


^ i just added it to my list! I’ll definitely be picking it up next week

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White Knight is excellent. Been a Seam Murphy fan since I stumbled on Punk Rock Jesus halfway through it’s run. So happy that White Knight has brought him such success. His art is so dynamic, and his storytelling is evolving to the point where he truly is amongst the elite, especially as hisnown artist, where the synergy, the pure visual storytelling is truly extraordinary. Can’t wait to pick up the sequel. Should be sitting in my pull box, just haven’t made it down to the LCS yet this week.
Also gave it to a die hard Bat-Fan at work who loved, and a couple other friends. Got the imoression it was the best Batman comic any of them had ever read. So don’t turn away from recommending it to more casual readers. They really dug the multiple Harley stuff, when I had been expecting that to be a tad confusing.


While the story could have been better IMO, Sean G. Murphy’s art is just unreal. He’s a true master of the medium and I look at my copy of White Knight almost every day.


It’s really enjoyable, and it gets to say some things that the main continuity just can’t get away with saying. Also, I’m a sucker for a comic that uses Jack Napier as the Joker’s real name. (It’s a pun, but at least it’s a clever pun, unlike Joe Kerr.)

Aw, come on, Joe Kerr is pretty good… :smirk:

It’s a great series. Part 2 just started this week so head to your local shop and pick up the first issue, because it’s also great.

Love the concept of joker going sane and became one of my favorite comics

I just finished it this morning. I loved it. It’s probably one of my favorite Batman stories ever. I’d love to see an an animated movie as long as it’s faithful and not New 52ed like some of the more recent adaptations

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I don’t really think they could fit it into the DCAMU, so I think you’re safe.