Which Do You Do More Often On DCU: Read New Comics Or Re-Read Old Comics

As I get ‘up there’ in years, I find myself revisiting the things I loved in my youth far more often than I allow new things into my life. I re-watch movies and I marathon old TV shows, I re-play old video games and I re-read books and comics.

I mean, I still go to the comic book store religiously on Wednesdays. And I really enjoy the Arrowverse shows and the Originals here on DCU and all of the new stuff. But if I’m to be honest about time spent, I probably have watched just as much B:TAS or Super Friends in the past six months as I have of the overwhelming amount of new DC stuff.

I’m incredibly excited about the thousands of comics I’ve not yet read that are coming to DCU, but I do wonder if I’ll still end up re-reading more than I end up reading. It’s all just so much more convenient than digging in boxes and unbagging the old floppies here on DCU.

Just wondering if I’m an admittedly-old outlier. :grin:


I like reading older comics as well. Specifically pre-crisis (Infinite Earths).

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I’ve been going through a lot of the Post-Crisis stuff like Secret Origins and Suicide Squad. I’m hoping they put up Young All-Stars eventually.


Spend my time catching up and re-reading older series, but any story I haven’t read or I enjoyed the first time will get consumed as soon as I can!


Lately, both

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I tend to read the older stuff. Where I don’t have to wait for the next part. I also find most of the older stuff is less continuity heavy, which I enjoy.

I read newer stuff. My journey into older stuff is reading source material.

I am currently up to date on comics from new 52 on, although I don’t remember much of it, like Batman. I read all of the 52 comics from the beginning to it’s end.

I reread old favorites, like Huntress Earth 2 mini series here

Read Manhunter, Checkmate and Robin when they were about to leave

I am constantly behind on new in issues and Graphic Novels that were not in our library, and do most of reading is outside DC Universe.

I will be glad when everything is here. It is so much easier to finish a floppy rather than a trade, it feels like you are making more progress

A little of both. Often, the older stuff is stuff I haven’t read, so it’s kind of both at the same time!

I read mostly old stuff. Some of it is stuff I’ve read before, but most of it has been filling the gaps from when I was a kid. So it’s a bunch of “new to me.”


Super-Squirrel your not the only old out there. I’m a Bronze Age guy. I’ve been reading older stuff that is new to me. I really enjoyed the Birds of Prey and Manhunter. I look for good stories. I just read Batman Year Two. It was new to me as I left the comics hobby in the mid-eighties and didn’t return until after 2008 and the release of Iron Man. That rekindled my interest in comics and led me to great new stories. But I’m still watching ME TV and reading old comics.

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When can we start reading elseworlds stories?

@TravisMorgan METV is awesome! They have so many good shows.

Older material is what interests me at the moment plus things I haven’t read before. What’s great about this app is that I can now really delve into books I missed, characters I hadn’t had a chance to try out and books that for one reason or another slipped through the cracks for me.

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And I can do that for a flat rate without having to put out more money on it.

I can be an extraordinarily petty individual when I put my mind to it, so I’ve been scrupulously avoiding anything from between 2011 and 2016. I’ve read some Rebirth stuff, but not on here. The bulk of what I’ve been looking at has been from between Crisis on Infinite Earths and Infinite Crisis.

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I’m reading old and new. Not rereading anything on the app I alreadybown. I’m rereading my floppy copy concurrently. Down the road, I may do that with certain runs.

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I’m reading mostly older stuff. It was a happier time. Plus there weren’t constant events and crossovers.

While I admire the ambition of the new stuff, how writers now aren’t afraid to go for huge stories arcing though dozens of books over years…I’ve not the time or energy to make it all comprehensible. So I re read, or find new-to-me old stuff a lot more then anything new.
I don’t mind, to be clear. Like Pete Townsend supposedly said about rap when Roger Daltrey said he couldn’t understand it:“we aren’t supposed to get it, we’re supposed to get out of the way.”