Which day do they cycle out/in comics?

Starting to get the hang of reading on here. What day do they cycle in/out comics? I want to plan my reading accordingly so I don’t miss an arc I start reading

Check the Watchtower thread. They usually post the list there.

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Realize that they stopped rotating in order to reaccess and refigure out how they want to organize stuff


I’ll check Watchtower, thanks! As far as pausing the cycle, they probably should but I don’t think they are. I have already found the list of shows/movies cycling for example. I hope they add better notifications and search options on here. I think it’s cool these forums exist at all though

Ok saw the last rotation post for comics and it did post something leaving and talk about how they are listening to feedback so I think you are right. I hope they consider leaving more up longer.

Ok, I figured out the bookmarking and search options so I am shutting up now. Lol

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