Which Batman Would You Rather See In Flashpoint?

Which recent reports of Michael Keaton returning to the cape and cowl in the upcoming Flash movie and rumors that Jeffery Dean Morgan is returning to play Thomas Wayne (unless it has been confirmed I’m not sure), I must ask DCU that if y’all had to pick ONE actor to be in the movie, who would you choose? (while both would be the best option, lets pretend we’re in the dark multiverse where we only get one choice) Would y’all rather get the potentially greatest feeling of nostalgia and see Keaton return or would you rather see the live action debut of Flashpoint Batman?

  • Michael Keaton
  • Jeffery Dean Morgan

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(Also a quick side note completely unrelated but I noticed some people have realized my sudden absence from DCU and I’d like to note that I am back and ready to reengage with this great community. I have been going through a breakup and dealing with some mental health issues and I just needed a break but I’m glad I can chat it up with my friends here at DCU once again!)


I say why must we choose? Let’s have both. If they’re going to do a flashpoint-esque story line we can have both. The aging Michael Keaton Batman meets his own father, now younger than Bruce is because of how long ago he died. Written well enough it would be amazing, and you know all of us want to see it.


I totally agree. I just kinda set up the poll to see if that we HAD to choose, which would we go with haha but having both would be absolutely incredible.

Both! Does that count?

I like how close this is so far. I voted Jeffery Dean Morgan. I don’t really have an attachment to Micheal Keaton’s Batman, but I wouldn’t hate to see him again.

It is a little funny that Michael Keaton could return as Batman, or at least as Bruce Wayne. Consider that he essentially took the role in Birdman as a reflection on his time as Batman; the director said if he had not agreed to do the role they would not have made the movie. Birdman was an anti-superhero movie and it won best picture. Truthfully I think he loves being Batman, and he like many others considers himself to be the real Batman.

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I loved Keaton as Batman. He was the first real Batman for so many. I am really excited to hopefully have Jeffrey Dean Morgan bring us a brutal Thomas Wayne, as well.