Where to start?

so I was looking into reading (instead of just collecting) Batman comics… any suggestions on stories/books I should read… bonus points if I can still get it in comic book form versus graphic novel…


Batman: Hush, the whole new 52 run, Batman: Year One, No Man’s Land, The Dark Knight Returns, Batman R.I.P., The Long Halloween, Dark Victory, A Death in the Family, Under The Hood. These are all the recommendations I can think at the top of my head.
FYI, some of these issues wont be the cheap. Ex, Batman #1 from New 52 can vary from $50 upwards of $100, If your just want to read I suggest buying a trade or an Absolute Edition if the story line has one. If you want to collect the modern books, buy them in high grade. low to mid grade modern comic books are essentially worthless in the collector market.


A great member of the community, TheDemonEtrigan suggested to me to look at Comic Book Herald for a series I was starting to read, Blackest Night

Comic Book Herald has Reading Orders for several topics, including DC in general, and also Batman.

I understand you preferring preferring Single Issues versus Graphic Novels, but Single Issues will cost a lot more, and may not be even possible for some wanted titles.

Even if you detest digital, take a look at our free library for Batman and Detective Comics., it shows The cover and issue number of each book in the library.

The digital site, Comixology, also shows the cover of each issue they sell, if you click on an issue, it describes the issue… Old comic books cost as little as 1.99 per issue. There are hundreds of issues missing, which probably makes those issues are impossible to find in physical form. I have heard that physical copies, even in poor condition, were scanned in to produce digital copies of older comics.

With the Zoom option, and using Landscape, not Portrait, I find digital good enough, except for weird lettering choices, like red on black, and double page spreads. Neither are remotely likely in an old comic. And I can’t see well.

If you must buy a Graphic Novel as a last resort, Comixology shows what issues are contained in each novel.


Batman: Hush is a perfect jumping on point. If you want the print single issues, they can be had easily (Batman #608 is the one that might be a bit pricey since it’s the first issue of the story) and it’s also been released several times in trade form.

The digital singles are two bucks a pop and can be bought whenever you want to buy them. The regular digital trade of Hush is free if you are a Comixology Unlimited member or if you have hoopla.