Where to Start with the Teen Titans

Where should I start if I want to get an in-depth history of the titans? Which run is the best. Is Rebirth any good? I have read Damian’s teen titans but not the Rebirth Titans.


The continuity is a bit of a mess thanks to the already-confusing retcons of the New 52 being partially undone by Rebirth, but you might as well just start with the Rebirth issues. Just know that Tim Drake had been their previous leader, and you should be fine.


Wait, sorry. You said Titans, not Teen Titans. Okay, it’s still confusing: this Titans team is basically the classic one, but their existence as a team was essentially erased by the New 52. The return of Classic Wally West has reminded the other Titans of their lost history. You’re still best off starting with Rebirth because the things that still count from the pre-Flashpoint comics aren’t clearly defined.


The problem in continuity right now is that the New Teen Titans by Wolfman and Perez did not exist because Cyborg became a Justice League member instead of a Teen Titans.

There are panels in Rebirth comics that suggest the New Teen Titans existed but neither Rebirth Rebirth Titans nor Teen Titans acknowledge that.

This may be fixed in Doomsday Clock.

The original Teen Titans on the 1960s is terrible because of the hip dialogue.

Titans Hunt is good and includes Hawk and Dove but they have super powers.

Then Rebirth 1 and then Titans.

New Teen Titans had Dick Grayson Raven Starfire Beast Boy and Donna Troy. Raven is completely different except for her father Trigon. Plus Jericho.

Teen Titans by Geoff Johns had Superboy and Ravenger plus many other members.


Thanks y’all. I think I’ll try New Teen Titans and Rebirth Titans.

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If by “Rebirth Titans” you mean Titans and not Teen Titans, then you are in for a world of wonderfully exciting adventure with that series. Easily the best Rebirth team book.

If you mean Teen Titans, eh, it’s good too. The Kaldur Aqualad joins the team in #7, so that was cool. The Metal tie-in was fun also.


It’s always such a pleasure to see these request threads, and not just because it helps fill out my reading list! Thank you all for taking the time to make this community a better and more welcoming place by sharing your knowledge. <3


I’m going to throw in a recommendation for Dan Jurgens’ Teen Titans that ran from 1996 to 1998.

It’s criminally underrated (and I’m only a few issues in). Warlord makes an appearance! So too do the Millennium Giants (kinda sorta).


I think going all the way back to brave & bold then working forward but the New Teen Titans by Wolfman & Perez is absolutely required. Not for the current rebirth continuity but for its creation of the Titans concept.
If you read some of the Silver Age and the New Teen Titans, you’ll get a good understanding of how the Titans morphed.

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Teen Titans #37 (late 60’s-early 70’s) is one of the best comics ever made and was my first introduction to Teen Titans. Worth reading.

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  1. The Four Horsemen strike…
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I’m late but Wolfman/ Perez are definitely where I’d start. That’s where I started & I absolutely flew thru them. When this site opened I read em all again & I know for a fact I’ll be reading them again at some point.

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You can go wrong with Marc and George’s run! It’s what set the standard that has been used for this team and continues to do so.

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You can go wrong with Marc and George’s run! It’s what set the standard that has been used for this team and continues to do so.

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If you are wanting to get caught up on the modern version of Titans, then I would suggest Titans Hunt. It’s New 52 era, but it’s the first time this particular version of these characters came together.

If you just want to understand Teen Titans in general, I’d read a smattering of every series and keep reading the ones you enjoy.

If you just want the creme de la creme, I’d suggest the New Teed Titans Volumes 1 and 2 from the 80s, the late 90’s Titans and select issues of the Teen Titans from the 2000s.

Teen Titans 2011 can die in a fire.

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Because nobody asked me, I decided to rank every Titans family ongoing series that I’ve read in order of best to worst.

New Teen Titans Volume 1 and 2 (1980)

The Titans (1999)

Young Justice (1998)

Teen Titans (2003)

Tiny Titans

Team Titans (1992)

Teen Titans Spotlight (1986)

Outsiders (2003)

Titans (2008)

Titans (2016)

Teen Titans (2014)

Teen Titans (2016)

Teen Titans (1966)

Teen Titans (2011)

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