Where to start with DC Rebirth

DC Rebirth is the ongoing series that fixed DC comics for the better. The soft reboot fixed the issues of ton that had come from New 52. Rebirth brought old characters back to the spotlight for the first time in a while. Like Wally West, Rebirth was a burst of energy that DC needed. But as it nearly enters its 4th year, rebirth is becoming a massive undertaking to follow. With series like batman hitting #65 recently, that’s a lot to read.
So where do you start on DCU:

Option one: New to DC (Easy)

Start with these two series which can be read in any order

DC Universe #1

Batman Rebirth #1
Batman (2016) 1-22
Superman: Rebirth #1
Superman #1-13
Action Comics: #657 - 672
Supersons #1-12

If you still want to keep going
Batman 23
Flash 23
Batman 24
Flash 24
Batman #25-32 (Wherever war of jokes ends)

Continuing Action Comics and/ or superman after this is fun but not necessary.

Option 2: The Rebirth Fast Track. (Intermediate) This option is for people who want to understand rebirth as quickly as possible but know enough about DC Comics to trudge forward.

DC Universe #1
Batman #1-22
Batman #23
Flash #23
Batman #24
Flash #24
Batman #25-32

At the end of Batman, choose whatever characters you care about, or read them all
Jurgens Superman run is a return to the heart and character of Clark Kent. It is proof that superman isn’t stale after 80 years of existence. It features Jon Kent and Superman’s wife Lois in many fantastic ways. Supersons is one of the best comic series that’s ever focused on young kids.

Superman: Rebirth #1
Superman #1-13
Action Comics: #657 - 672
Supersons #1-12
Superman #20 - 36, 39-41
Action Comics #977 - 992

Aquaman is a spiritual successor to Johns Aquaman continuing the desires of Arthur to connect his two halfs for the benefit of the world

Aquaman: Rebirth #1
Aquaman #1-18

Detective Comics is a series that ties into Oz’s ordeals very nicely. It features a team of batman characters and explores ideas which will show up in the current Heroes in Crisis. A Lonely Place of Dying is a tie in of sorts with Detective Comics.
#934 - 940
#950 - 976 ish

Green Lantern as a franchise evolved a lot during rebirth. Along with the conclusion of Geoff Johns run of Green Lantern. Two basically new Green Lanterns were introduced. The series can be read seperately

Green Lanterns #1-36 The two newish Green Lanterns
Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #1-32ish Hal Jordan recovers after losing everything.

There are other great series but those are the most significant ones. (I would argue) Obviously continuing these series is really important to understanding the current issues is important but it should give you a sense of what you like.

Option Three: Ambition (Veteran/ over-ambitious dreamer)
Reading everything DCU has that’s rebirth. Here’s my current DCU Reading order. (You will have to look up what’s included in each volume. Sorry!!!


I’m only missing Trinity which can happen at any time after Trials of the Supersons (Superman Vol. 2)

Thank you. If you use this let me know! If you think another series should be included in the fast tract let me know. (Justice League Rebirth is bad. Fight me!)



That’s an excellent guide for Rebirth noobs.

I would add Wonder Woman Rebirth, even numbers 2 through 12, which covers Year One.

The odd numbers contradict the Wonder Woman 2011 run, which you may prefer. I like these issues just find, but they state that the Amazons are in another dimension and Diana could not have visited them in the 2011 run. That is part of the Lies Diana has been told.

I agree that Justice League rebirth was bad?

Thanks for this. I sadly had to stop reading comics when I started college and trying to get back into it. I was mainly focusing on all of the Superman related comics because he and his family are my favorite to read. Do you have a reading order advice on just Superman or Superman related like JLA or Superboy or Supergirl and so forth?

@morph on rebirth superman or Superman in general.

Awesome! I’ll try to keep this in mind if I come across any users that could use this list!

Thanks Kitty!!

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I think you should add some of the Road to Rebirth series to this list. I started reading Superman Rebirth #1, but the references at the start of the book threw me off, so I read DCU:Rebirth #1 and barely understood any of it. I think part of the reason is because I didn’t read “Lois & Clark” and “Final Days of Superman.”

@lego Rorschach unfortunately I’m only including DCU comics. My advice is just focus on the idea that Superman has a kid and just accept that. DC Universe Rebirth #1 is similar. Just read it knowing you won’t understand everything. Some of those plot threads still haven’t come true.

I think that’s the easiest way is know you won’t know everything. Eventually the gaps will have shruken enough. In Superman’s case it shouldn’t take more than a volume. You could try reading Aquaman for something a little more low on needed continuity but even then…

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Oh I eventually got over the continuity hump and I’m enjoying the heck out of Superman Rebirth. Giving Supes an adorable son was the shot in the arm he needed in order to stay relevant AND stay true to himself (instead of artificially hamfisting “flaws”). It’s unfortunate, then, that Bendis aged him up. I hope that gets reversed so we can get more Super Sons!

REBIRTH got me back into multiple issue binging. BLACKEST NIGHT as a crossover mega arc got me the same way

Totally Awesome - Thanks @nathan.payson

Absolutely Toonatonian

I read your fast track in the order you put it just wanted to say thanks could have been a little more refined but I totally understand that documenting and trying to remember all that had to have been really hard and my brain was able to fill in the gaps so it was better than nothing by a long shot :slight_smile:

Now you should do one for Batman metal and I think it’s Batman Damned whatever one has the two crossovers

DC Database includes a list of key issues: https://dc.fandom.com/wiki/DC_Rebirth

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I’ve just been (still) collecting trades before i got DC Universe. I was already following GL and Nightwing/Grayson, but it’s not a hard universe to get into. Unlike marvel comics IMO.

Flash, Titans, and Hal and the GLs has been fantastic along with Nightwing and the Metal comics. Wonder Woman, Green Arrow are good as well.

Justice League was a little bland, and im not fond of the Aquaman art.

Batman, GL, Nightwing basically continue where the new 52 left off. There hasn’t been much about this whole button/watchmen/what caused the “reboot” thing so it’s been a long time coming you’d probably forget about it.

@bluekid! Good to here. If you want to know where to go next, Look at my how to prep list.

About Metal, the reading order is already done by DCU! On the event link. I’m hard at work on a full 1.0 Reading list with a couple different options. Curious to see what you think!