Where to start reading ?

Im a long time dc reader so of course my collection is nothing but back issues . I was wondering where to start reading to get caught up on the new story lines ? HELP ME !!! I read the rebirth deluxe edition and just dont know where to go from there .

Pick a rebirth title then go! Do you have a hero preference? Honestly just about all the titles are great.

Well batman is my main guy . As well as flash and like most the main leaguers. I just feel so lost with the new stuff . Like I had to listen to the dark knight metal stuff on you tube to get caught up on that little series . I would like to check out the doomsday clock stuff . I’m just so lost . Really want to keep up with batman . I’m just so behind and want to ba apart of what’s going on in dc you know

Your in luck batman rebirth is one of the best series of rebirth and new 52.

Batman New 52 is a good starting point by Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo
Batman Rebirth expanded on Snyder’s story but is really a 100 issue run by the Eisner award winning Tom King.

Snyder- action
King- Character

Also Flash rebirth is close to the CW series also good and even crosses over with King’s Batman

Other great current series include both new 52 and Rebirth Aquamans

If you want something on the service check out any 70+ issue runs

Hope you find what your looking for!

Tom King’s Batman is great in my opinion, so as a Batfan I would start there. If you like the idea of the “batfamily” make sure to check out Detective Comics too. Flash introduces some new characters, and as far as catching up you could always check out the crossover event “The Button”, which is a 4 part Batman and Flash arc with some early lead in to Doomsday Clock and a hint of things to come. If you’re caught up to Metal though, you’re caught up to the last major event (Doomsday Clock is still ongoing) I personally liked the early Action Comics, as the “Superman Lex” was something I liked. Justice League vs Suicide Squad is a good lead in to the Justice League of America book (You won’t have to read it, but you’ll have an idea of how/why there was a second League formed) And of course if you like the JL, you can just hit them up. I enjoyed Superman as well, but if I had to recommend arc, it would be Superman Reborn as that will get you caught up to some of the going on with Superman. Gotta run right now, baby is crying, but that’s a start!

Rebirth Aquaman is amazing.

All the Rebirth Superman, Action Comics and Super Sons issues right up to the dismal soft “Bendis reboot”. Also, check out Rebirth Aquaman, Flash, Hal Jordan, Green Lanterns, Green Arrow and Titans.