Where should I start?

The last DC books I read were Death of the Family during New 52. Now that I have the app, I’m reading Doomsday Clock, Bendis’ Man of Steele, and I’m thinking of getting into a bunch of Rebirth titles. Any suggestions otherwise, or even within what I’m already headed toward?

The first issue of Scott Snyder’s Justice League is on here. I suggest reading Justice League: No Justice #1-4, then Justice League #1, then all other issues of Justice League as they arrive on this service.

Check out the Rebirth Green Arrow title, it’s the best take on the character in a long time. The first couple of arcs of Rebirth Detective Comics are great too.

See Nathan.Payson

My Massive Rebirth Reading Order

I just put it up top.

So should be near your thread.

Whatever interests you, really. The best thing to do is start simple. No need to overtax yourself.

Sequence of

In library
Superman Lois and Clark
Super 2016 pre Bendis

Aquaman 2016 (and 2011)
Detective Comics 2016 with Tynion
Wonder Woman 2016 with Rucka

Not yet in Library
Less than year old

Hawkman only one issue here
Freedom Fighters mini
Shazam by Geoff Johns
Justice League Dark

Oh, and New Superman is a great little series that’s definitely worth checking out.

I agree on New Superman.

And run is complete in Library.