Where is the advertising for the DCU Originals?

I hate that there is practically no advertising for the DCU Originals besides Doom Patrol. Doom Patrol having weekly promos was great for keeping it in the spotlight. The only ads I’ve seen for Titans season 2 have been crappy browser ads. I really think the shows and the service as a whole would be more successful with more advertising.

I’ve seen subway ads (mini-commercials on LCD screens) as well as posters for shows.

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And are you saying that’s enough?

I saw a lot of ads on YouTube while it was airing.

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For what? Yes DP and HQ have episodic promos, but Titans S2 didn’t really get that. Swamp Thing definitely didn’t.

There were subway posters for Titans season 2 and Swamp Thing here in NYC.

Where would be a good place to advertise DCU original shows? In cinemas in the Noovie section maybe? I see some TV advertising there by Amazon and Netflix.

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Ooo that could be fun!