Where Do You Want to Go in Danny Land?

In Doom Patrol: Weight of the Worlds #2 there was a map of Danny Land.

So I thought thought with Doom Patrol over for now we could still have some Doom Patrol Fun.

So the question is where do you want visit in Danny Land?

The map may be hard to read so here are some close up shots.

The Haunted Christmas Mountain sounds great to me. And I go countless pass up the opportunity to Park in the Parking lot if Infinite Emptiness. :joy:

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That roller coaster at Haunted Christmas Mountain is impossible to pass up.

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Didn’t even notice the roller coasters there​:joy:

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Fun fact:

I helped design this map.

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That’s awesome™:+1:

I sell disposable wax pens and discounted season passes in the parking lot.

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