Where Did These Dark Knight Monologues Appear?

Important! does anyone know if these appeared in a comic:

  1. the scars monologue from TDK
  2. The PLan Monologue from TDK
  3. the Get What You Deserve monologue from Joker

Please! If you know if these appeared in a comic, please tell me which comic it is!! My high-school transcript depends on it!!

Those are movie originals, I’m afraid. But, the “You Get What You Deserve” scene in particular was inspired by the Joker talk show scene in Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns.


I don’t believe any ever appeared in the comics, though they were inspired by them.

  1. The closest thing to comics inspiration I can think of for the scars story would be Batman: the Killing Joke and Batman Mad Love. They both make references to Joker telling different origin stories.

  2. Nothing in particular comes to mind for the guy with a plan speech.

  3. The talk show scene in Joker was inspired by a similar scene in the Dark Knight Returns.

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Thanks!!! To you, and @HubCityQuestion.
These are helpful. I am going to use these in a speech, and I don’t wanna p*** off the Continuity Cops!

@anon52107441 How will this play into your high school transcript? Unless it’s changed, your transcript is just a list of classes taken, grades received, and honors received while doing so.

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Glad you asked. So, I am in speech and debate, and I need to put these in a DI, but I need a published source. My coach said I need to find it not quoted from a movie. The competition is on Thursday. Thanks to you guys, I have a chance!

So, technically, it doesn’t directly affect my transcript, but going to nationals will sure look nice on the side.

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