Where Can I Find the Newer Collectibles? (I Live Nowhere Near Any Comic Shops)

So I know that the new Batgirl statue by Josh Middleton is out, and I was curious if there were any suggestions as to where I could look to buy this? I live where there aren’t any comic book shops within 100 miles, so I try to find things online as best I can, but have had no look locating this specific statue yet?


So you have a few choices. Nowadays, there are a few comic book stores with a pretty big e-commerce presence. Midtown comics is one that comes to mind for that.
Additionally, there’s websites like Entertainment Earth which carries a good number of collectables as well as the ol’ stand by: eBay.
Just a word of caution when using eBay: if something is priced well below the normal cost, and it ships form China, it could be a knock off.


Thank you!


You might also want to check out Mile High Comics. I am not sure about statues but they have mystery boxes and many other comics for sale.

For statues, I’ve used Big Bad Toy Store and Sideshow Collectibles (for the newer stuff). For older sold out pieces ebay has the most selections, but like @stalecake said, beware the knock-offs (unless you don’t care).