Where art thou, DARK KNIGHT RETURNS?!?

Where did issues 2-4 of The Dark Knight Returns disappear to? You do a whole DC Daily segment on it, and pull down most of the series?

Unreal. I just started issue #3 and it’s gone.

Unfortunately, Dark Knight Returns was only available for a limited time during Batman week :frowning:

@DC_Applejack, can you make a post of what’s gone and what’s new? I’ve added almost everything listed into my favorites and it looks the same.

That was a weird DC Daily segment to have then on the same day the book was pulled. Really?

@4GRANTed, in the absence of a solid list formatting, taking a look at the hyperlinks found in this article will guide you through the content released in honor of the Death of Superman:

It’s a few dozen comics that span the entire crossover universe of the Death of Superman, from the titles Superman, Action Comics, The Adventures of Superman, Superman: The Man of Steel, Justice League America, and Green Lantern. These titles will be pulled from the service at the end of October.

Thanks, @applejack