Where are the Legion???

I don’t expect the comic selection to be stellar right out the gate, I’m patient, but there is no excuse for DC to keep burying the Legion. They treat them like something best forgotten and not as a part of the foundation of this company like they should be. This service would be perfect to highlight them. Out of all the characters represented on here right now, there is not a single Legion book. And I don’t count Rebels. Fix this soon please! Long live the Legion!!!


Superboy and the Legion of Super-heroes is on here. 28 issues of it. Hope that helps!


I’d love to see DC come out with some new Legion stuff. The barriers to entry are high, but when Geoff Johns was bringing all that stuff into his run on Action Comics, it kicked ass.


Because John Byrne, in his Man of Steel revamp, required that Superman be the only survivor of Krypton and that Superman started his career as Superman, not Superboy, it has been difficult to use Superboy or Supergirl in Legion Continuity.

I just bought the smallest starter set of Legion comics at Comixology that I think is a good introduction to the Legion. One issue and a Trade Graphic Novel.

Legion 61, Last chapter of End of an Era, a Zero Hour tie in, has two versions of the Legion, adult and younger, sacrifice their existence so that the universe will live, The final lines are the three founders, old and new, saying, ‘Long live the Legion,’ before the comic book page fades to white. I had been trying to find this issue for years because it is an great emotional end to the Legion Saga.

Immediately afterwards, DC started a new series, which is covered in Legion of Super Heroes Beginning of Tomorrow Trade. Issue one has the three founders meeting for the first time, and the second issue has Apparition (Phantom Girl) and Triplicate Girl join. The art and writing are excellent and easy to understand, requiring no prior knowledge of the Legion.

For Flash Arrowverse fans, Xs is an early member.

There are no mentions of Superboy or Supergirl. The justice League is the model for the team.

These comics should be in the Library.

There are a bunch of the earliest Legion stories collected under Adventure Comics.


As someone mentioned there’s a whole bunch of Legion stories under Adventure Comics.

Regarding any current Legion plans in terms of new comics in general, there appears to a hold on that during Doomsday Clock. Saturn Girl has played a significant role in the Doomsday Clock miniseries. It looks like you’re looking at mid 2019 at least before Doomsday Clock finishes.


Also Legion of Super Heroes in the 31st Century, based on the animated TV series, is great for kids and kids at heart. No trade has been published, but they are available as single issues. Other characters in this series are the Substitute Legion, a Green Lantern, Impulse and Booster Gold.

They should be available in our Library as well.


In addition to the previously mentioned Legion tales from Adventure Comics that are in the Comics section, more Legion goodness can be found there under the Superboy title, also in the Comics section. It’s material from the Superboy and the Legion of Super Heroes series.


Plus there’s the legion cartoon in addition to the comics, so I wouldn’t say DC is burying them.