When will Wild C.A.T.S #13 and up be added?

So I’m loving DC Universe so far.

I just finished Wild CATS 1-12. The start of the original Jim Lee run. What’s that? 12 issues in five years? Haha. I kid.

But currently number 13 and up isn’t on DC Universe. I’m a patient panda and don’t mind waiting but what’s the process on something like that? Are they looking to add everything eventually? Is there a schedule?

In the meantime I’m gonna jump ahead to all the Wild CAT stuff they have available, Team One, the second version, so on. I’m hoping they put Alan Moore’s run on here too, would like to read that again.

Also very excited about the Wild CAT stuff I hadn’t been able to read years ago, like when it was all Law and Order type stuff. I thought that was a cool concept for the team.

BTW, also would be very interested to see when they’d start adding all the first Gen 13’s.

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No idea, but with the new WildC.A.T.S mini coming up in August, its nice to see we’re finally getting more from the original WildC.A.T.S ongoing in digital form.

Last week we got the first Annual and tonight/tomorrow we should be getting WildC.A.T.S Special #1 too.

I hope DC releases the rest of the series digitally. It’s a fun one!

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Good to hear about that. So is that on DC Universe or the Comic stores?

Either way I’ll be on the look out. Hope it ties in with the Wildstorm, which is actually my favorite new book coming out on DCU.

I just want to see the Moore run, I’ve always heard good things about it.

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I’ve read it, it’s great. Get it from the library if you can. It’s that good. Really turns everything on it’s head.

Alan Moore is the best writer any WildC.A.T.S book has had, with Joe Casey coming in second.

Warren Ellis will likely complete the trilogy of great WildC.A.T.S writers.

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@maddogemail The new to digital books debut at Comixology on Thursday of each week, then DC Universe the following Tuesday (technically Monday night 9 pm E.S.T. but everything doesn’t necessary auto-populate until Tuesday morning).

Soory, 9pm PST, not EST.

I bought the 3rd trade of The Wildstorm off of Amazon the 4th trade has been pushed back to november. The 1st trade of Cray is here to read, Deathblow takes on his version of Green Arrow, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, and teams up with Constantine. Got to get up and grab the second trade to finish.

I misread the question, Wildcats 1998 is version 2.0 of the team. Followed by Nemesis I think, then Wildcats 3.0, which leaves World’s End as the poor finish to a great line.

Heya, we’ve passed along the request for issue #13 to be added. Could take a week or two, but thank you for being a patient panda!

Patient Pandas are better than Sad Pandas.