When will Batman and Harley quinn. be on here

When is it going to be on here

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When season 12 of smallville releases

Thank you for reaching out with this question, @connersittel.32389! We’re absolutely devoted to making sure that we have interesting and fun content here on DC Universe, and I’d be happy to pass this suggestion along to the rest of the team. We can’t make any promises, since certain concerns, like licensing concerns, may limit what content we have available at any given time.

As a heads up, I’ll also be moving this thread to Support and Feedback, where we’ll be able to keep track of similar requests.


It’s been on Prime Video for quite some time, so maybe when that licensing agreement ends?


Yeah, I saw it for the first time (believe it or not omg what was I doing my whole life) on Prime. It’s hilarious, I saw it twice that day, once while I was working and the second with my son.

Super awesome