When does Robin become Nightwing? Also, what's the difference between the Teen Titans volumes?

Sorry for my ignorance but I’m new to all this. I’m currently reading the 1980 New Teen Titans line as it’s what was recommended to read to get up to speed on the Titans show coming.

But, I see a 1984 line that starts a new issue one, and then also other Teen Titans lines.

I’m very confused on how I’m supposed to read everything. Is it just as simple as reading the older comics first? Do all the comic lines continue the same story? Meaning, does the 1984 line start where the 1980 line ended?

Essentially, I actually have these same questions for every other comic too. I dont understand where I should start and how the stories go. But I’m interested most in Robin/Nightwing since that’s going on now.

Please help me be a little less stupid.


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Robin becomes nightwing during the famous judas contract storyline from the 80s!

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Thank you for replying! Can you tell me about when this happens? With what issues? I want to be sure it’ll happen here at some point in the line in reading.

New Teen Titans 7ish? Its in the Wolfman run.

The show is based upon the 1980’s Teen Titans which had Dick Grayson. The 1980’s New Teen Titans and the 1984 Teen Titans up on the site are the most relavent for the Titans show. They did some funny things with the naming of the Teen Titans book in the 80’s including renaming the book, having a time jump, and having two books run at the same time in two different time periods so reading “In order” can be a bit hard. The Judas Contract is when Dick Grayson took up the Nightwing mantle but those issues aren’t on here right now. However a retelling of that for Post-Crisis is, Nightwing Year One (Nightwing issue #101).
Now back to the Teen Titan books. Anything that predates the 2000’s that has Teen Titans in the title, with a few exceptions, will be a team led by Dick Grayson. 2003 and onwards the Teen Titans books featured either Tim Drake Robin or recently Damian Wayne Robin. The Titans books are the old Teen Titans but grown up and feature Nightwing. Hope this helps