When did Riddler go in a coma

I keep reading about how riddler went in a coma woke up and forgot everything and basically came a good guy. Problem is I can’t find the exact issue he gets put in a coma. Can anyone help me? It’s been driving me crazy. I know it happened around the time if Infinite crisis because we the joker has awoken from his coma around detective comics 822 which was September 2006 I believe.

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I didn’t know either. Sorry. But the closets I think you cane get to is in Batman Issue #16 where in one story it happened with the Joker.

No this was around the time of infinite crisis. Around 2005. I know the riddler was in green arrow 49-50 and by time detective comics 822 comes around in 2006 the joker is awake but a good guy. So it should have happened around infinite crisis. I even know who did it. It was the shining knight but I can’t find pictures or the issue it took place in.

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I meant in the Golden Age. That’s where it happened.

Yeah But what I’m talking about wasn’t in the golden age, it was around 2005-2006

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I found it never mind, it happened in villains United infinite crisis special #1


Sorry. I love the Golden Age, it was just the closest thing I know for me that sounded like what you’re looking for.

Glad I could try to help with you. :blush:

I think Riddler being in a coma could be in Matt Reeves Batman movie and he goes into one in the ending but for a sequel he wakes up.